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You laugh but we have seen it all after owning this place for 15 years, and we are tired of our property being disrespected when we work so hard to have a super nice clean place for people to rest, relax and just enjoy camping and the outdoors.

Adult Only, Age 21+ RV Park  (sorry, no children allowed)

No Tent Camping

Note: Creekwood Quiet Hours: 10 pm – 9 am

No car trailers, or M/C trailers; Toy haulers are allowed.
No Pop-ups or tear drops; only self-contained campers with bathroom facilities.

Whenever possible, please disconnect tow vehicles off Class A,B & C rigs before arrival.

Any vehicle or rig over 20 years old must be approved. No homemade rigs or school buses and no Tiny Houses. With our roads paved and our RV sites concrete we must protect them. All rigs are to put wood or plastic under their stabilizer/jacks. (If you have a drop hitch tell us before coming we will explain)

No Groups, or more than 2 rigs together at a time – Unless Approved. (we can explain the reason behind this rule)

Extra fees for charging electric cars in campground and cabins: $10 per day per car.

Dogs must be approved, Breed Restrictions, maximum 3 dogs per site with all shots and not in heat. Leashed at all times, pick up after them, no dogs in the bathhouse or laundry area, no pet laundry allowed in our washers or dryers. Dogs should not be left alone, barking or disturbing others.

Smoking only at your site, do not leave butts in the fire pit or on the ground, dispose of all cigarette butts in the trash. (Non-smokers don’t want to come to the mountains and have to smell them; sorry if this offends you). No littering and that includes peanut shells, pistachio shells and sunflower seeds, also spit in a bottle not on the ground where we walk, it’s disgusting and then it gets tracked in our RVs and home. (We don’t live in Japan, where we don’t wear shoes in our homes; If you think we are strict you should not visit Singapore 🙂

No karaoke, movie screens, loud music or anything else that will disturb your neighbors; just be courteous. Do not tie anything to our trees and no clothes lines.

Men are required to wear shirts if away from their RV campsite.

Corn Hole game is only allowed to be played from 12 Noon until 4 pm.

No Rugs or anything covering the grass that might kill it.

No washing vehicles, no filling swimming pools or portable hot tubs.
(We are on well water, it is from 600 feet deep and fabulous water)

No golf carts, ATV’s, dirt bikes or drones are to be used on our property. Do not park or drive on the grass. You will be guided into your site, by a woman, get over yourself.

Do not burn our picnic tables – cook on your own tables, no washing dishes outside – we have installed a deep sink in the laundry room with hot water, just clean up after yourself. Speaking of this, if you see that something is not clean in our bathhouse, please let us know.

Why should other people, have to clean up after you? Take this thought into the rest of the world with you.

You are here at your own risk, so please use common sense about everything.

We are sorry for being so blunt, but we hope you will understand our position.

Note: Cell coverage is spotty here in the foothills but Verizon works the best. We just upgraded our Wi-Fi but we do not guarantee the service (it works much better, but our provider is still Windstream, so outages are out of our control). Windstream discontinued cable service, so we installed 15 TV channels thru Satellite now at every site and all cabins. At the RV site you will need a coax cable to connect.

Phone: 706-878-2164
10 am - 8 pm / 7 days a week


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Creekwood Resort
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