Rules & Regulations


Robert and Melissa bought Creekwood July 15, 2004 and really love meeting all our customers and helping them any way we can, because of this we are very fortunate to have tons of repeat customers. In every business there will always be problems and because of these problems, we have had to add this page to our web site. I guess we were naive in thinking and hoping everyone would be like us and respect other peoples property and other people in general.

Trust us we are not happy having all these rules and regulations but some people leave their common sense at home. We really do want everyone to have a great time.

You are in the resort at your own risk, we are not responsible for personal property or injury, parents must watch there children at all times, bike safety is your responsibility. Please keep your children out of the rock gully’s, trees and stay off the embankments. No bike riding on the grass only on the pavement..

Do not Park or drive on the grass, please
  • Check-out time is by 11am
  • Campground check-in time is 1pm by 8pm.
  • Cabins check in is after 3pm and by 8pm

We guide (NOT Drive, JUST GUIDE) RV’s into the site, I (Melissa) have been doing this for over 11 years, humor me if you are a truck driver.

LEAVE IT CLEANER THAN YOU FOUND IT !!!!! (Please don’t litter,especially cigarette butts & peanut shells even though they are biodegradeable they look nasty and attract ants!)

Maximum of 3 Dogs per site are allowed, but only non threatening breeds, they must remain on a 6 foot leash when being walked around the park. Children are not allowed to walk dogs on Retractable Leashes, we have had too many broken lights. Dogs must remain tied down while at the sites, just
not on the trees.

  • Dogs must not be in heat, and must have all there shots up to date.
  • Type of dog must be disclosed at time of booking, if you bring a dog that was not approved you will be asked to leave and your card will be charged full rental. Please clean up after your dog and do not leave dogs unattended where they bother other people by barking.
  • No dogs are allowed near the bathhouse.
  • No cigarettes or cigars near the Bathhouse.
  • No ATVs, Golf Carts, Off-Road Motorbikes,battery powered kids vehicles, no kid toys with loud plastic wheels, etc. allowed. (this is a very small park so we have to have limits)
  • No grills on our tables please, we have had several picnic tables burned.
    No dishes to be washed outside or in the bathhouse, we have installed a utility sink with hot/cold water in the laundry room.
    No clothes lines, we have a coin laundry facility
    No ropes of any kind tied to the trees.
  • No screen porches with bottoms, any type of tarp or rug on the grass, on the gravel is fine..
  • Quiet time is 11pm to 8am.
  • Please do not chop wood on our concrete or pavement
  • All visitors must stop and check in at the office, no visitors after 10pm. Day guests in the campground staying longer than 2 hours will be charged $2.00.
  • No outdoor movie screens.
  • Do not disturb your neighbors: No Karaoke
  • Very bright outside lights will also disturb the people around you.
  • Laudry Room is open 8am to 11pm, Please do not wash large bulky items, and no pet laudry is allowed in our washers or dryers. No shoes are to be washed or dried
  • You are charged one night non refundable fee to book, if you cancel prior to 30 days no extra fees will be charged. Last minute cancels, you loose what I loose, same as the campground I keep a waitlist during soldout periods.
  • Absolutly no Drones
Cabin customers :
  • (Cabins check in time is after 3pm) and by 8pm. Same check out time. 11am
  • No smoking inside the cabins (This is strictly enforced, if we find that you smoked in the cabin you credit card will be charged $100.00. (this is the law in GA and our preference.)
  • All cabin customers are to read the DO’s & Don’ts in the cabin.
  • We do not allow house parties, do not even think about it, all visitors must stop and check in before going up to the cabins. No visitors after 9pm. Any visitor staying longer than 2 hours will be charged $5.00 over night guests are $10.00.
  • The inside fireplace is to be used during the winter months only,we deliver firewood for a fee or you can bring your own hard wood, fake logs are ok but do not add real wood with them this creates too hot of a fire and can be dangerous.
  • You are charged one night non refundable fee to book, if you cancel prior to 30 days no extra fees will be charged. Last minute cancels, you loose what I loose, same as the campground I keep a waitlist during soldout periods.
  • Things to bring, Extra Towels & wash clothes , Extra Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, And extra garbage bags.
  • We do not change out dirty towels or sheets, We do have a coin laundry or for a fee we will swap out towels.
  • If you are staying for 5 or more nights we will swap the towels out one time.
  • (no fee).